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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Podcast: The Moose Turd Cafe -- Nov 4, 2017 -- the Russians are listening

The Moose Turd Cafe broadcasts most weekdays on, 6:30 AM Eastern, from the Red Caboose Studio in Bolivar, West Virginia

Mike Diesel and John Case host. Eat a little turd in the morning and nothin' worse is likely to happen the rest of the day -- in these times that can be a blessing. Enjoy.

Call in line: 304-885-0708


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Playlist for Nov 4:

1. The Russians are listening to the program
2. Don't leave the Moose Turd Pie on your plate.
3. Obamacare -- the lifeline for entrepreneurs.
4. Get Murdered in Church -- its closer to Jesus.
5. Donna Brazile -- Tells her critics to "Go to Hell"
6. Bush to the rescue?
7. Morgan Freeman on the Harassment Scandal
8. Tony Two Toes keeps the car running

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