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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Podcast: The Moose Turd Cafe Halloween 2017 Massacre Breakfast

This episode of the Moose Turd Cafe was broadcast Oct 31, 2017 on from the Red Caboose studio in Bolivar, West Virginia.

Mike Diesel and John Case host, 6:30 AM EST most Weekdays -- We  promise -- swallow a warm slice of our Moose Turd Pie and it will be sunshine, comparatively, the rest of the day.

Our call-in line is: 304-885-0708

Our email is

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1. The Papadopoulos Excretion -- secret password to the cafe, and our latest omelet tartar with a sauce prepared by Dr. Lechter
2. The founding of Moose-Zoot-Alors Productions & What happened to Vaughn Meader after Kennedy was assassinated?
3. Manafort, Gates and the Plutonium Sandwich Special. Who will talk?
4. Guvnr Jim Injustice drops dead, after some deep-fried trick-or-treats
5. Chemtrail Muffins
6. Vladimir Putin calls in. Arnold Dumps on Trump.
7. Senator Sanders on the Mess.

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