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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

The Poetry Show Podcast: Break My Heart


You Broke My Heart Fredo Poster by D Justin Johns - Fine Art America


Enlighten Radio Presents:

The April 26, 2023 LIVE Broadcast of The Poetry Show

Today's show features two American poets: Jane Kenyon and Joy Harjo. Both found deep American waters and burial grounds amidst the shrapnel and debris of the Sixties. These two poets, and me, share the memory of the explosions.

Joy Harjo

Joy Harjo talks to the bees | WBEZ Chicago

Jane Kenyon

About Jane Kenyon | Academy of American Poets


Poems Today:

After an Illness, Walking the Dog

Jane Kenyon

Wet things smell stronger,
and I suppose his main regret is that
he can sniff just one at a time.
In a frenzy of delight
he runs way up the sandy road—
scored by freshets after five days
of rain. Every pebble gleams, every leaf.

When I whistle he halts abruptly
and steps in a circle,
swings his extravagant tail.
Then he rolls and rubs his muzzle
in a particular place, while the drizzle
falls without cease, and Queen Anne’s lace
and Goldenrod bend low.

The top of the logging road stands open
and light. Another day, before
hunting starts, we’ll see how far it goes,
leaving word first at home.
The footing is ambiguous.

Soaked and muddy, the dog drops,
panting, and looks up with what amounts
to a grin. It’s so good to be uphill with him,
nicely winded, and looking down on the pond.
A sound commences in my left ear
like the sound of the sea in a shell;
a downward, vertiginous drag comes with it.
Time to head home. I wait
until we’re nearly out to the main road
to put him back on the leash, and he
—the designated optimist—
imagines to the end that he is free.




Alone For a Week

Jane Kenyon

I washed a load of clothes
and hung them out to dry.
Then I went up to town
and busied myself all day.
The sleeve of your best shirt
rose ceremonious
when I drove in; our night-
clothes twined and untwined in
a little gust of wind.
For me it was getting late;
for you, where you were, not.
The harvest moon was full
but sparse clouds made its light
not quite reliable.
The bed on your side seemed
as wide and flat as Kansas;
your pillow plump, cool,
and allegorical. . . .
Break My Heart
Joy Harjo

there are always flowers,
love cries, or blood.

someone is always leaving
by exhile, death or heartbreak.

the heart is a fist.
it pockets prayer or holds rage.

it’s a timekeeper.
music maker or backstreet truth teller.

baby, baby, baby
you can’t say what’s been said

before, though even words
are a creature of habit.

you cannot force poetry
with a ruler, or jail it at a desk.

mystery is blind, but wills you
to untie the cloth, in eternity.

police with their guns
cannot enter here to move us off our lands.

history will always find you, and wrap you
in its thousand arms.–

someone will lift from the earth
without wings.

another will fall from the sky
through the knots of a tree.

chaos is primordial.
all words have roots here.

you will never sleep again
though you will never stop dreaming.







Tuesday, April 25, 2023

The Labor Beat Podcast:: We May Not Have Enough Workers!

No Taco Tuesday: Local businesses struggle without enough help |


Enlighten Radio Presents

Labor Beat Radio's April 25 LIVE Broadcast

West Virginia skilled workers and youth are leaving the state. This puts many a big idea in jeopardy for lack of a sizable and sufficiently capable workforce. A big reason is that they are treated poorly here in comparison with other areas of the country.

Hosts: John Case, JB Christensen, Scott Marshall

Special Guest: Fuzz LaRue, a retired leader of the WV Plumbers and Pipefitters who is very active in political education for the WV AFL CIO, and lobbying efforts on behalf of working families in the WV state legislature.

Apologies to both Dale Lee and Fuzz LaRue for confusing   Dale Lee's photo with Fuzz. 
Could not find a photo of Fuzz LaRue -- but I can relate to this one on his Facebook Site!


Labor Beat Broadcasts LIVE Tuesdays @7:30 AM Eastern Time


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Monday, April 24, 2023

The Sports Attack Podcast: The Tackler is Toni Harris!!


Enlighten Radio Presents

The Sports Attack

with host Mike Diesel-Cuccherini


The headline story this week is Toni Harris!!

Perhaps you’ve heard of Antoinette “Toni” Harris. But perhaps Not. Earlier this year, the 23-year-old became what is believed to be the first woman to accept a scholarship to play football at a four-year college — not as a kicker, as other women have done — but as a position player.


The Sports Attack Broadcasts LIVE Mondays, 7 AM Eastern


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Sunday, April 23, 2023

The Winners and Losers Podcast: The Water of Life

Host John Case and Pastor John Unger discuss the sources and vectors of violence in our community and country.

School Threats Surge in Miami-Dade County – CavsConnect

Plus -- the Economic Development Opportunities

in the Rich, Clean Waters of West Virginia

Pastor Unger serves three parishes in Harpers Ferry. He also served Jefferson and Berkeley counties in the West Virginia state senate for many years. 

Broadcast LIVE April 21, 2023, 7 AM Fridays

The Red Caboose Studio, Bolivar, West Virginia

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The Recovery Radio Podcast: Who Will Protect the Kids?

Enlighten Radio Presents:  

James Boyd hosts a Recovery Radio Podcast: An African American "Family Discussion", from Virginia to New Jersey, on Gun Violence.....with the kernel of a solution on protecting our kids in schools!

Recovery Radio broadcasts LIVE Thursday mornings, 7:00 AM Eastern 

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The Sports Attack Podcast -- Goodbye to Dan Snyder

Enlighten Radio Presents

Mike Diesel-Cuccherini

Snyder Sails Away


Broadcast LIVE

April 19, 2023 from the Red Caboose Studio

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Labor Beat Radio Podcast: John Henry -- If I Had a Hammer! presents :

The Labor Beat Radio Podcast

broadcast LIVE Tuesday, April 18, 2023


The Alternative Energy Projects Funded through the Inflation Reduction Act

The Strike and Organizing Waves continue

The Return of National Labor Agreements?

Good and Welfare Gun Control: Earp vs Hickock



John Case and Scott Marshall

contributions by Nanci Griffith and Pete Seeger, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee

Monday, April 17, 2023

The Poetry Show: Faces of Eve: April 17

Enlighten Radio Presents: The Poetry Show

The Poetry show broadcasts live Mondays 7AM Eastern....

April 17, 2023

with Hosts John Case and Janet Harrison

******* The Podcast *******

The Faces of Eve: Sail Away

This episode features poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke and Rita Dove turning the Genesis narrative on its head, and Eve in particular. We also feature The Dutch Shoe by Louis Jenkins, and Robert Bly's revision of Noah's search for Land after the Flood: Send not the dove; send the Crow.

Poems read today:


Robert Bly

The dove returns; it found no resting place;
It was in flight all night above the shaken seas.
Beneath Ark eaves
The dove shall magnify the tiger's bed;
Give the dove peace.
The split-tail swallows leave the sill at dawn;
At dusk blue swallows shall return.
On the third day the crow shall fly;
The crow, the crow, the spider-colored crow,
The crow shall find new mud to walk upon.

— Eating the Honey of Words: New and Selected Poems
HarperCollins, New York (1999), p. 7
Early Poems (1950-1955) (Web)

Louis Jenkins

The Dutch Shoe (from the Innisfree Poetry Journal)

She was out of the water for years, since the early fifties maybe, over at the shipyard in Superior. You could see her from the highway, her masts down, sails stowed away. I loved that boat. All the time I was growing up I made plans to buy her someday. What shall I say happened? That my father bought her and put her in the back yard and kept garden tools in the hold? Or that my mother bought her and kept her in the china closet with the jade Buddha and the eight-day clock? That her brass gleams in the firelight, still dry and harmless? No. I bought the Dutch Shoe and sailed to Rangoon and Singapore and a hundred other places. I faced incredible dangers and hardships. I talk loud and drink all night. When I snore I wake bears in the forest and fish in the sea. Early mist rises from the water. Ice forms on the masts. My hair has turned white and my teeth have fallen out. I can't see a thing and I am sailing away.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Genesis "trilogy": (trans. by Ernest Flemming)

In the Beginning

Ever since those wondrous days of Creation
our Lord God sleeps: we are His sleep.
And He accepted this in His indulgence,
resigned to rest among the distant stars.

Our actions stopped Him from reacting,
for His fist-tight hand is numbed by sleep,
and the times brought in the age of heroes
during which our dark hearts plundered Him.

Sometimes He appears as if tormented,
and His body jerks as if plagued by pain;
but these spells are always outweighed by the
number of His countless other worlds.


High above he stands, beside the many
saintly figures fronting the cathedral's
gothic tympanum, close by the window
called the rose, and looks astonished at his

own deification which placed him there.
Erect and proud he smiles, and quite enjoys
this feat of his survival, willed by choice.

As labourer in the fields he made his start
and through his efforts brought to full fruition
the garden God named Eden. But where was
the hidden path that led to the New Earth?

God would not listen to his endless pleas.
Instead, He threatened him that he shall die.
Yet Adam stood his ground:
Eve shall give birth.


Look how she stands, high on the steep facade
of the cathedral, near the window-rose,
simply, holding in her hand the apple,
judged for all time as the guiltless-guilty

for the growing fruit her body held
which she gave birth to after parting from
the circle of eternities. She left
to face the strange New Earth, so young in years.

Oh, how she would have loved to stay a little
longer in that enchanted garden, where
the peaceful gentle beasts grazed side by side.

But Adam was resolved to leave, to go
out into this New Earth, and facing death
she followed him. God she had hardly known.

Rita Dove via the Poetry Foundation

I Have Been a Stranger in a Strange Land

"Life's spell is so exquisite, everything conspires to break it."
Emily Dickinson

It wasn't bliss. What was bliss
but the ordinary life? She'd spend hours
in patter, moving through whole days
touching, sniffing, tasting . . . exquisite
housekeeping in a charmed world.
And yet there was always

more of the same, all that happiness,
the aimless Being There.
So she wandered for a while, bush to arbor,
lingered to look through a pond's restive mirror.
He was off cataloging the universe, probably,
pretending he could organize
what was clearly someone else's chaos.

That's when she found the tree,
the dark, crabbed branches
bearing up such speechless bounty,
she knew without being told
this was forbidden. It wasn't
a question of ownership—
who could lay claim to
such maddening perfection?

And there was no voice in her head,
no whispered intelligence lurking
in the leaves—just an ache that grew
until she knew she'd already lost everything
except desire, the red heft of it
warming her outstretched palm.

Friday, April 14, 2023

Winners Amd Losers: The Dutch Shoe Podcast


.... meaning revealed below....a Dutch Shoe race. 



Moving on from the failed appearance of a beloved local pastor, hosts Karen Valentine and John Case take on several of the easier spiritual challenges: Our show runs LIVE Fridays at 7 AM Eastern on Enlighten Radio.


1. Really, now that Easter is passed,  WHAT "nightmare vexed to that rocking cradle" was really born,  at the Nativity in Bethlehem centuries ago;  where CP30 and R2D2 were also present, as "the Wise Men"; what?

2. GPT, or some other AI incarnation, just assisted in a multi-thousand dollar robbery of a relative, including very skillful identity theft. What should we do?

3. Is the flood of so-called random gun violence a cover for targeted murders? If the law is powerless to protect, what can communities, or churches do?



Last Word: The Dutch Shoe by Louis Jenkins

She was out of the water for years, since the early fifties maybe, over at the shipyard in Superior.  You could see her from the highway, her masts down, sails stowed away.  I loved that boat.  All the time I was growing up I made plans to buy her someday.  What shall I say happened?  That my father bought her and put her in the back yard and kept garden tools in the hold?  Or that my mother bought her and kept her in the china closet with the jade Buddha and the eight-day clock?  That her brass gleams in the firelight, still dry and harmless?  No.  I bought the Dutch Shoe and sailed to Rangoon and Singapore and a hundred other places.  I faced incredible dangers and hardships.  I talk loud and drink all night.  When I snore I wake bears in the forest and fish in the sea.  Early mist rises from the water.  Ice forms on the masts.  My hair has turned white and my teeth have fallen out.  I can't see a thing and I am sailing away.


Recovery Radio Podcast: Some Things Change: Others Not So Much

Enlighten Radio Presents: The Recovery Radio show

7 AM Eastern Thursdays, with host James Boyd.

The April 13, 2023 Podcast



Some Things Change, Some Not with

Special Guest -- Vickey Wilcher


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The Sports Attack Podcast: First, Tom Brady....then what?!

What Happens After Brady?

Is the Glass half full for the Nationals?

Enlighten Radio Presents: Host Mike Cuccherini [the Diesel]

The Sports Attack and Weather Machine Podcast

April 12, 2023 Show

Broadcast Live Wednesdays at 7 AM Eastern

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

The Labor Beat Podcast: April 11 -- The United Mine Workers of |America

Enlighten Radio Presents:

The Labor Beat Radio Program Podcast





Hosts: JB Christensen, John Case and Scott Marshall

Recorded LIVE in Harpers Ferry, WV. Thursdays, 7:30 Eastern

Todays: show--  April 11, 2023 


Special Guest Brother Chad Francis, a legislative staff rep for the UMWA in West Virginia.

**PEIA Cuts--an Attack On WV public workers -- Chad reports on the the Republican, Koch-Bros attack on public workers by eroding their insurance coverage and affordability. 

**"Elections have consequences" -- WV AFLCIO Pres Josh Sword

**A virtual appearance, and message from legendary UMWA President, Cecil Roberts.


Friday, April 7, 2023

Winners and Losers -- What Do Young Dems Do?

Podcasts    Player Enlighten Radio


Enlighten Radio Presents:

The Winners and Losers Radio Show Podcast

Broadcasted Live: & AM Eastern, Friday, April 7, 2023

Today's Guest: Eli -- VP of Shepherd Young Democrats



Hosts: Karen Valentine and John Case







Thursday, April 6, 2023

The Recovery Radio Podcast: 4/6/13 -- Trump ”Indicated”

Enlighten Radio presents: The Recovery Podcast: April 6, 2023

with James Boyd  and John Case

The Podcast: 


Has Justice Come? Is it Closer?

Are Americans Equal Before the Law?

Two Images


The Recover Show Broadcasts Live 7AM Eastern on Thursdays 

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

The Sports Attack Podcast: The Husky Indictment!

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Enlighten Radio presents the Sports Attack Podcast


With Mikey Cuccherini 

April 5, 2023

Questions, comments: email

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Labor Beat Radio: Strikes, Coal, Automation, Organizing

Enlighten Radio Presents:

The Labor Beat Radio Podcast

April 4, 2023

The FB Group   The Podcasts   Enlighten Radio


John Christensen (Retired MEBA) John Case (Retired UE) Scott Marshall(SOAR) host todays show.

Monday, April 3, 2023

The Poetry Show: No April 3 Fools

The April 3 Show
Some fave working class poets, plus Yeats, Woody,
and John Henry


Afaa Michael Weaver


Douglas Manuel


Saturday, April 1, 2023

The Sports Attack, and Weather Machines --- Mike Diesel

Mike Diesel lays down another legendary sports rap. Plus a very emotional emotional weather report. 

The Sports Attack broadcasts live

7:00 AM Eastern, Wednesdays 

Check out the Podcasts


The Sports Attack, with Mike Diesel

Mike Diesel lays down anoither legendary sports rap. Plus a very emotional emotional weather report.

The Podcast



The Sports Attack broadcasts live 7:00 AM Eastern, Wednesdays 

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