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Friday, June 30, 2023

The Sports And Comedy Attack: So -- Why Not Barry Bonds?

Enlighten Radio Presents:

Mike Diesel Cuccherini on the latest news in Sports. 

Broadcast LIVE, June 26, 2023
from the Red Caboose studio in
Harpers Ferry, WV
The Sports and Comedy attack broadcasts weekly on Mondays at 7:00 AM Eastern Time



There is only a fleeting mention of Barry Bonds. The real headlines are missing. Hidden inside the show. Think  you know what's going on in sports? Check out Mike before you  talk falsely to a God, and bring on Armageddon.

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Winners and Losers: Me Worry? The Billionaires are in Charge!

Enlighten Radio Presents


The "No Reason To Get Excited" Show




Broadcast LIVE June 23, 2023 on the

Red Caboose Virtual Studio

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Hosts Karen Valentine, Larry Bish and John Case take on Titanic Miscalculations.


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Labor Beat Radio Show -- US Labor’s ”Big Stick” Summer

Enlighten Radio Presents

Summer National Strike Wave?

Broadcast LIVE June 27, 2023
The Red Caboose Studio 
Harpers Ferry, WV


 Hosts JB, John and Scott discuss strike preparations directly affecting 3/4 of a million frontline workers, and indirectly millions more. UPS, Auto, Southern California Hotels, Nurses -- just to name a few -- are seeking economic justice for years of sacrifices in the face of both the pandemic, and killer inflation.



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Monday, June 19, 2023

The Sports and Comedy Attack: Juneteenth Edition

Enlighten Radio Presents:

The Sports and Comedy Attack Podcast:

Broadcast LIVE June 19, 2023, 7:AM -- every Monday

Host: Mike Diesel Cuccherini

Theme. Shohei Ohtani Rules



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Friday, June 16, 2023

The Winners and Losers Podcast: Finding the Middle Way

Enlighten Radio Presents:

The Winners and Losers Radio podcast --- broadcast live Friday, June 16, 2003, 7 AM,

Hosts: Karen Valentine and John Case

Themes: Spirits of Shepherdstown

Finding the Middle Way, Contentment, Balance, Detachment, Kindness and Love

Special Guests: Bhante Sujatha and Michael Fronczak 

Bhante Sujatha is a Theravada Buddhist Monk from Sri Lanka. His work to share the teachings of the Buddha and the message of healing through loving kindness has taken him across the world. His story is one of extensive experience, sincere concern for the well being of others, and tireless energy.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Recovery Radio: Finding how to tell the truth from an abundance of lies

Enlighten Radio Presents


The Recovery Radio Podcast

Broadcast live on Thursday, June 15, 2023, 7 AM

hosts: James Boyd, John Case


Theme: How do we find the truth when lies abound?


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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The Poetry show: Battle at Blair Mountain

Enlighten Radio Presents:


The Poetry Show Podcast

Broadcast LIVE Wednesday, 7 AM Eastern, June 14, 2023

Hosts: Janet Harrison, John Case

Themes: The Battle of Blair Mountain, and We All Gotta Eat


The Poems: 

Battle at Blair Mountain by Hilda Downer


A harsh truth in childhood:
who has the most money
to have the most soldiers

Those plastic green men are formidable,
deadpan faces staring in panic
at not being able to move a finger,
feet captured in puddles of fear.
Redundant postures march awkward
up a steep bank the way
an old commercial showed a truck
could power straight up a mountainside
by tilting the picture so hemlocks,
almost horizontal, speared the sky.

The bomber squad over Blair Mountain
endorsed the same green configuration
of ground troops scaling rock and ridge –
1921: the United States at civil war
with the Appalachian people.
Though one bomb did not explode,
the big guns of poverty and displacement
continue the genocide today
with each subtraction
of another coal-seamed mountain range,
adding up to more fire power
than “Little Boy”
on Hiroshima.

Still emulating gunfire,
little boys are gathered for sleep,
hard soldiers in a pile
like pieces that do not fit what is broken –
alert to ambush bare feet.
Only a few remain on the battlefield,
the solar warmth they hold
quickly draining.
Never having been alive
does not stop their grim stare
into the shotgun barrel of the full moon.


We All Gotta Eat by  Justice Ameer


even ants go to war.
been thinking about it all summer, what it means…
i mean how human. or maybe how ant.
maybe nature begets violence because we all gotta eat.

yo i was on trains all weekend.
and lord, got sick on an empty stomach.
acid tides creeping up my throat.
but no, i didn’t eat the train food.

on the hill, in the college,
we poured gallons of slop into buckets for the pigs' feast.
gross chunks, all fresh waste, an unholy stew…
and so much of it.

they’re looking at the port again.
Southside stays loud saying they don’t want it.
but y’know, folks can’t hear colored voices and well...
garbage needs a place to go.

every member of my family has mentioned my belly to me this year.
as if she doesn’t wake up with me every morning.
as if i don’t gaze at her lovingly in the mirror.
as if i should worry if she looks full...

call me callow, i just don’t think something living should go hungry…
not when we’ve made so much to eat,
with armageddon’s gas stove,
on a table we’ve slaughtered the world to build.


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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

The Labor Beat Radio Show: The Truckers Movement for Justice

Enlighten Radio Presents:

The Labor Beat Radio Podcast

Broadcast LIVE 7:30 AM Eastern, June 13, 2023

hosts: John Case, JB Christensen, Scott Marshall


Truckers Movement for Justice is a national, and international, movement to raise living and working standards for truckers. Owner-operated, coop, or corporate.

The burdens placed on frontline workers in this country -- and aggravated during and since the pandemic -- are becoming intolerable. Rebellion is here.

Guests Billy Randell and Jonah Kone

Want to learn more?

Jonah Kone, Hatfield Forestry Cooperative :



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Monday, June 12, 2023

The Sports and Comedy Podcast: The Diamondbacks and the Olympics.

Enlighten Radio Presents


Host Mike Cuccherini (nee Diesel :) ) reports


Getting to the Olympics may mean crossing battlefields and out of control corruption.



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Sunday, June 11, 2023

The Sports and Comedy Attack: The Dobie Maxwell interview

Enlighten Radio presents:


The Dobie Maxwell Interview

host: Mike Diesel - Cuccherini




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The Winners and Losers Podcast: Empires in Decline

Enlighten Radio Presents:


Hosts: Karen Valentine, John Case and Larry Bish

The Winners and Losers Program broadcasts LIVE Fridays at 7 AM Eastern Time, from the Red Caboose Studio in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

A Spiritual Discussion of Life in a Declining Empire

(there's more to it than that.....but somewhere that gets said.)


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The Poetry Show Podcast: Poems of the Heart

Enlighten Radio Presents:

The Poetry Show Podcast, June 7, 2023

Hosts: Janet Harrison and John Case



What’s Broken -- via the Poetry Foundation

The slate black sky. The middle step
of the back porch. And long ago
my mother’s necklace, the beads
rolling north and south. Broken
the rose stem, water into drops, glass
knobs on the bedroom door. Last summer’s
pot of parsley and mint, white roots
shooting like streamers through the cracks.
Years ago the cat’s tail, the bird bath,
the car hood’s rusted latch. Broken
little finger on my right hand at birth—
I was pulled out too fast. What hasn’t
been rent, divided, split? Broken
the days into nights, the night sky
into stars, the stars into patterns
I make up as I trace them
with a broken-off blade
of grass. Possible, unthinkable,
the cricket’s tiny back as I lie
on the lawn in the dark, my heart
a blue cup fallen from someone’s hands.


The Labor Beat Podcast: Supreme Court Attacks Labor

Labor Beat Radio Presents:  

Supreme Court attacks the right to strike.

Notable Quotes:

"It is difficult to overstate the hostility of the Roberts court to organized labor and the rights of American workers." -- NYT
"The right to strike, like the right to publish, or the right to vote --- is only asserted by actually striking, actually publishing, actually voting." -- paraphrase of Ben Bradlee


Labor beat broadcasts LIVE Tuesday mornings at 7:30 AM Eastern time.

Hosts: John Case, JB Christensen, Scott Marshall


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Monday, June 5, 2023

The Sports and Comedy Attack: Mike Predicts Victory for the HEAT

Enlighten Radio Presents:

The Sports and Comedy Attack Podcast. Recorded LIVE June 5, 2023.

This week's theme: 

Mike, along with climate change experts, Predicts the HEAT will RISE!


Does Violence Make Sports More Fun To Watch?


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Winners and Losers: Memorial Day -- Both Sides Now

Enlighten Radio Presents:

The 'Winners and Losers Radio Podcast

Recorded LIVE at the Red Caboose Studio, June 2, 2023. The live program broadcasts weekly on Fridays at 7 AM

This weeks theme:

Memorial Day 2023

We reflect on two voices: Franklin Roosevelt, and John Kerry.

Hosts: Karen Valentine and John Case


FDR: The Four Freedoms Speech



John Kerry: Confession to War Crimes in Vietnam 



Saturday, June 3, 2023

Recovery Radio: Medically Assisted Addiction Recovery Special Guest Garrett Moran

Enlighten Radio Presents:


The Recovery Radio Podcast

Host: James Boyd

Medically Assisted Treatments in West Virginia

Special Guest: Garrett Moran




Garrett Moran, PhD, MPA, MA, associate director of services and policy innovation at the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute and professor in the Department of Health Policy, Management and Leadership in the School of Public Health.

Dr. Moran  joined WVU as a faculty member in 2018, has focused intensively on addressing the addiction epidemic in West Virginia. Through leadership roles and consultation efforts over the course of a nearly 50-year professional career, his concern has been with understanding and guiding public policy related to mental and substance use disorders and health care integration. Notable roles have included serving as director of the psychology department at Weston State Hospital in the 1970s, as commissioner for behavioral health for DHHR in the 1990s, and as vice president of a research company that worked with federal health care agencies.


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Labor Beat Radio: The Alliance for Retired Americans: WV and Ohio

Enlighten Radio Presents:



The Labor Beat Radio Show Podcast 

Theme: The Alliance for Retired Americans

Hosts: John Case, JB Christensen, Scott Marshall

Recorded LIVE, May 30, 2023

Special Guests:

Ginny Moles, President of the WV ARA



Dorine Gotinez,Executive Board member of the Ohio ARA



Are You a retired union member, either in the past or present? We need activists, to defend senior rights, living standards and active lifespans!  If you have not been a union member, but nonetheless support the basic issues of the ARA -- Social Security, Health care, food and shelter, join us!

for immediate info on how to connect: contact


Labor Beat Radio broadcasts live Tuesdays at 7:30 AM Eastern Time


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