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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

The Poetry Show: Hiram Larew -- Poems of Gratitude



Enlighten Radio Presents


Special Guest -- Hiram Larew




Hiram Larew shares poems of gratitude and wonder, and a delightful tiptoe across images and moments as if they were jeweled islands in a sea of stars.

Broadcast LIVE Wednesdays, 10 AM on

Hosts: Janet Harrison, John Case

This Episode Recorded July 10, 2024


The Irish Potato Famine occurred from 1845-1849.

Achill Sound

by Hiram Larew

When the roads curve like sound
    and dip as if lifting to bow
Whenever all thoughts round or cluster
    or when hearts call down
        is Ireland

And as rich when poor was
    or as wise as bare heads in snow seemed
and as twigs so frail broke into song
    and as true as any blight or potato could be
        was Ireland

So when sand laps the senses
    or salt drips the edges as dreams
Whenever hope streams through such heavens
    and moss comes home
    or hearts beam down
            is Ireland.


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