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Monday, October 9, 2023

The Poetry Show: David Wagoner -- 4 Poems

Enlighten Radio Presents 

"From Monument To Dust"




This program features four poems by David Wagoner: Stones, A Footnote for Isiah 40:3, After Takeoff, and Thoreau In the Rain

Broadcasting LIVE Wednesdays, 10 AM

Hosts: Janet Harrison, John Case

This Episode Recorded October 4, 2023


by David Wagoner


I bring them from the mountains,
from the sea, from the edge
of streams and look at them,
heft them, hold them hard
while they keep holding themselves
harder. Is it because
they haven't had to change
their surfaces in our time
though, in theirs, they've suffered
the blunt demands of ice
and water and wind and god
knows fire, been cracked and frozen,
thawed, made molten again
and again have started over
grinding and being ground
from monument to boulder,
to rock, to river stone,
to gravel, to pebbles, to sand,
to slurries of grit, to dust?


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