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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Winners and Losers: A CATF Prelude -- the Shepherdstown Star

Enlighten Radio Presents:




The Winners and Losers Podcast

Broadcast LIVE  July14, 2023 --- 7AM Fridays

Hosts: Karen Valentine, John Case, Larry Bish

THE CATF Festival Is Here



At their  age, all three hosts are EXPERTS on DRAMA.  None  have seen, nor at this date could  see, a single play in the 2023 Contemporary American Theater Festival (CATF) season. Nonetheless they have a lot of fun RIFFing on the descriptions of each play described on the  CATF websits. (Kind of a play on the sidewalk, outside the actual show!)

We are still trying to get Peggy McGowan, the Director of CATF, to join us for a more authoritative, but no less profound, introduction to the the Shepherdstown Star Performance.


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