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Friday, September 29, 2017

Podcast: The Moose Turd Cafe: -- Puerto Rico: Homicidal Neglect/ Or Genocidal?

The Moose Turd Cafe 

Vol I, Show 4, September 29, 2017

 -"Trump -- Puerto Rico: Homicidal, or Genocidal Neglect?"

Hosts: Mike Diesel and John Case

Broadcast most weekdays, 6:30 AM on Enlighten Radio
from the Red Caboose Studio in Bolivar, WV

Utah Phillips Moose Turd Pie


1. Moose Turd Pie--Utah Phillips
2. Dogbottom Breakfast: Sauce recipes from Dr Lechter -- preparation for the rigors of the Fascist "Guantanamo-ing"  of Puerto Rico, acts of homicidal, or even genocidal, neglect by the Jackass prez of the US.
3. Mike combats Case's doom and gloom forecast --- proof of the pudding that consuming dog-bottom pie will turn you into an optimist in in a foxhole.
4. Trump calls in to call us "Fake News....believe me!!!!"
5. The dog of the dead, and the imaginary dog join the cafe to pitch the "best bottom pie in West Virginia".
"My dog don't lie"  by Slats Klug, born and raised in Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Also: Richard Wolff's Economic Update on the theme: "Capitalism, Revolution and Socialism"

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