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Friday, December 22, 2023

Winners and Losers Radio: ”One Pill Can Kill”


Enlighten Radio Presents

Winners and Losers Radio: "One Pill Can Kill"

Bringing Opioid Education Into the School System


Winners and Losers Radio:


Broadcasts LIVE, Fridays, 7ish AM Eastern

Hosts: Karen Valentine, John Case


Special Guest:



“The fentanyl situation has gotten so terrible. It is such a danger to our kids, and our kids have such an easy access to counterfeit pills by buying them on the internet. It’s actually like playing Russian roulette. I’m told that within minutes, they can locate something and have it within an hour or two. They don’t understand they may be signing their death warrant. ”

This Episode Recorded 12/22/2023 at the Red Caboose Studio, Harpers Ferry, WV


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