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Friday, March 2, 2018

The Moose Turd Cafe -- Case Steals the Sacred Harp - No Shadow Does He Cast

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The Moose Turd cafe opens for breakfast, with a Gunslinger Omelet, and a tale of Harps and Wind, Politics that won't stick to the roof of your mouth.

This episode was broadcast March 2, 2018 on The show airs most weekdays at 7 AM

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The Playlist today:

1. The Gunslinger -- Ed Dorn, Donald Trump, D. Duck The Myth is Re-emerging as most states become badlands, ruled by the fastest guns for hire.
2. Music from Zappa-don -- Trouble Every Day Returns as theme song.
3. A slice of Wind Blown Thru Harps
4. Teach  this! -- THE STRIKE IS NOT OVER UNTIL THE TEACHERS SAY IT IS! Republican Senators stand in the way -- they want to keep you, and your children too -- DUMB.
5. Ballad of a Soldier. -- Leon Russell and Marc Benno talk Vietnam.
6. My fave koans goin' home:

  1. A VERY short Story on Abe Lincoln's Relics. Can we find a WAY back to his footprint? Or must he forever, as in life, walk alone from My American Cousin and the spectacles designed by Franklin.
  2. The ease with which aliens have taken over the country, and likely the world, with barely a protest.

7. There is an answer. Excerpts from The Riddle Master of Hed -- it turns out Confusion Sorter is the top job, and it is Wind that clears the deck when its time to start over.


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