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Friday, February 2, 2018

The Moose Turd Cafe -- The Reckless Republican Train Kills Another

This episode of the Moose Turd Cafe was broadcast Feb 1, 2018 on from the Red Caboose Studio in Bolivar, WV.

The show is hosted by Mike Diesel and John Case and airs most weekday mornings at 6:30 AM.

Out call in line is 304-885-0708, our email is

Eat a slice of Moose Turd Pie, and things will get better the rest of the day. Dining menu by Dr. Hannibal Lechter. The rest room WAS working, but Guv InJustice ruined it again.

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The Playlist:

1. Treason afoot -- Mike thinks the ax is gonna fall. But on who?
2. A speeding train full of jackass Republicans kills a trash truck driver.
3.  Can someone put Pandora back in the box?
4.  The truck driver was just the beginning: the Greenbrier plots mass murder.
5.  Joe Manchin's 'New York Talk' dog whistle.

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