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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Podcast: The Moose Turd Cafe: a "No Turds Breakfast" celebration!

This episode of the Moose Turd Cafe Radio program was broadcast on Dec 13, 2017, from the Red Caboose Studio in Bolivar, West Virginia.

The show is hosted by Mike Diesel and John Case and airs most weekdays at 6:30 AM Eastern time.

This show focuses on the defeat of Roy Moore, and election of Doug Jones in the Alabama special Senate race.

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The playlist:

1. No turds served today in celebration of a positive turn in the anti-facist, anti-authoritarian, anti racist and misogynistic struggle.
2. Dr Lechter prepares a special blueberry coffee cake.
3. Mustard gas launched by the #1 Jackass at Kirsten Gillibrand blows back on him.
4. Ticks in amber drank Dinosaur blood. Dr Lechter claims he can make corpses loaded with tick meat walk around. Check out Trumper Cletus who was unchanged by the bullets plowing through his brain.
5. Think of hummingbirds as bees with feathers
6. Anyone for left wing authoritarianism? The numbers are growing.
7. Man with no name isn't ready to cheer. There are scores to settle.

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