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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Two -- Two -- Are you Crazy? PodcastsT

1. The West Virginia Opioid Epidemic Exposed

Greetings: This is a raw podcast of the Are You Crazy Show broadcast on June 18, 2017, and featuring hosts Dr Zakee McGill and John Case, and Dr. John Aldis, a retired government and family physician living in Shepherdstown, WV, dedicated to reform of drug and alcohol abuse treatment, and a frequent guest on the program. Dr Aldis was prominently featured in a New Yorker magazine survey of the opioid epidemic in West Virginia.

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2. The Love Doctor Deals with Posturing -- its benefits and perils

The June 21st Are You Crazy Podcast -- Dr McGill is travelling.  We cover lots of ground: the "been there done that blind spot", fake empathy vs true sympathy,  The lines between  public, personal, the hidden, and the revealed -- get their true colors cleaned of mud ... one hopes.

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